This glass obelisk looks not only powerful, but also solemn and elegant. Belted with metal inserts, it creates the impression of an impregnable fortress that doesn’t forgive mistakes. Working in such a place will definitely increase productivity and professional self-awareness. Mini-garden on the roof will improve your opinion that this place definitely deserves attention.


Public restroom located in the green area must match many factors, which we consider in the design of our building. Functionality and usability are taken into attention at the first. The simplicity and compactness of the plan emphasizes functionality, while all the rooms are designed in accordance with the statutory rules. The entire space in a public toilet suitable for people with disabilities. Waiting area includes a sitting place, equipped with drinking fountains (water can be cleaned through a filter or fed directly from wells) and modernized separate bins.


A real museum must itself be a work of art. Non-standard solutions, fantastic appearance, torn shapes, it seems that this building is made of some special material. A person wants to return here again and again, even knowing the whole exposition by heart.

Pine Forest

Everyone dreams about a house far from, in which you can just relax, enjoying nature and peace. This project embodies all the most daring wishes, taking you to a secluded place with panoramic windows, a platform for evening contemplation of the stars and fresh air. Staying in such a place is tantamount to an unscheduled vacation.

Arabian TC

Jeddah Shopping Center

School 1

Children grow older all the time and they absorb every trend and react to it. A modern school, made according to all the requirements of innovative technologies, will be the second home for them. Now, you probably won’t hear outrage and reluctance about going to school in the morning.


This is a tight dream house with small lawn and classic design. An attached garage with access to the house will easily accommodate a car for the whole family. Large windows, covered threshold, an easy game of brick paints; all these points make this house a perfect family nest.


Log house