Project hotel room in Kiev


Apartment project on the Mehanizatorov


Apartment for a young couple with two young children


This version of the interior can be compared with a graceful and elegant girl. Nothing superfluous, all is sustained with the grace inherent in a lady. Looking at her it’s impossible to pass by and not fall in love at the first sight.


Projects of apartments with a small square


Silver is not in vain considered as a noble metal, and the use of this color in the interior is always appropriate. Here one can find: elegant and consistent design, complemented by an optimal layout with the competent use of each centimeter. These are real 50 shades of gray, soothing and relaxing, in your own Silver Kingdom.




The ideal interior should be perfect to the last detail. Clear lines, a harmonious combination of colors, laconic separation of space, and a neutral atmosphere that gives peace. In such a cross functional scenery it’s will be pleasant to work, relax and even spend time with friends.


Simplicity and space without limits, geometry, a place for collecting the most important moments of life. All things here are breathing freedom and dreaminess, and "raw" walls are completely compensated by the furniture. In such an apartment, it’s appropriate not only to make a party, but also to indulge in a romantic mood with candles in the company of your beloved person.


Do you like futurism? Then such a design is created for you. Streamlined geometric shapes, sectional division, bar counter, non-standard light solutions and using of wooden elements will create the proper mood. This place can become an excellent bachelor birch, for those who love a beautiful life without barriers.


Wood and marble it's always a win-win option, which significantly improves the status of the room. Light colors, rough coating of walls and furniture transfer the atmosphere of the Swiss castle to the floor you need. You can really forget where you really are. A real Nordic character!


With such a layout this apartment can fit to a large family or a company of friends. Perfect zoning will give a breath of freedom and privacy to everyone who is in this space. Light floating elements of the interior visually increase the space, nevertheless, accommodating everything you need, and even a little more. Light colors and competent use of environmentally friendly materials won’t leave indifferent any person.


Every detail is thought out and implemented in a perfect way. Smooth lines and pastel colors, complemented by high-tech elements, turn this place into an oasis in the midst of routine and the bustle of the outside world. It simply can’t be boring or sad, such an interior will always bring a great mood.


Limited space can give muchmore than you think. Working area on the balcony and an interesting lighting solution will appeal not only to modernists, but also to fans of classical design. The best aesthetic embodiment of an apartment with a small area.


If you was awarded by twins, it is very important to give them friendly mood and comfortable conditions at young age. Children's room which is combining the latest technology and enthusiasm will become a place where kids will get everything they need. They will learn how to share and respect each other's boundaries, becoming best friends.


Still, the use of dark shades on a small footage wasn’t so successful. Everything is in its place, peace and comfort. It is difficult to imagine a place more suitable for connoisseurs of solitude and silence. There are no sharp transitions, smooth flow of colors and zones in perfect interior with a limited area.


Rebellion can look truly elegant! Bright and unexpected elements literally break the restrained design, adding special trait and uniqueness. The pretentious objects of the interior are meant to remind you that fantasy has no boundaries


A large family, warm fireplace, coziness and long evening conversations. This place is filled with a soulful atmosphere for all of this. Motives that will transfer you to childhood, when everyone feels careless and easy. Here you will be out of the problems of the outside world.